Goodnight, alright?

I remember scolding you, a professor of literature, when you said, “Books don’t change the world.”

“Books are platforms for ideas, ideas change the world.” I was baffled I had to explain this to you, of all people.

Now I’m wishing I could write the book, the one I was sure would change the world. The bedtime story of all bedtime stories. This week, it goes like:

Goodnight moon

And oval room

Goodnight parade of buffoons

Goodnight cross

Goodnight noose

And man yielding noose

Goodnight white

Goodnight club

Goodnight arms

Goodnight limp black bodies in arms

Goodnight bans

And sheet clad clans

Goodnight nukes

And 140-character rebukes

Goodnight, sweet (american) dreams

And age-old regimes

Goodnight politic

Goodnight patristic

Goodnight, alright?

Goodnight Alt-Right, sleep tight

Goodnight rage

And goodnight rape

Goodnight yellow caution tape

Goodnight hate

Goodnight hate

And goodnight hate

And goodnight hate

Goodnight hate

Goodnight hate

Goodnight hate

Goodnight irate

Goodnight unfair

Goodnight heir

Goodnight noises everywhere



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